Teaching Philosophy

Music has always been for me more than a profession, a passion or a career; it is an art that has shaped my personality and my life. 

My deep love for music took me into the path of teaching more than twenty years ago, and after all these years I still feel blessed when a student discovers a new piece, a trick to learn a difficult passage, an anecdote of a composer, or just something about themselves that they didn’t know before. Music can heal, can improve the concentration, can improve self-discipline, can develop your senses and intellectual activities, can expand your critical thinking, increase your imagination and facilitate the mental processes that help you finding solutions to everyday problems.

I believe in hard work. Mastering an instrument requires the mental and physical strength that athletes have in training. My experience as a teacher has shown me that most students like to be challenged, as long as there is a good method behind it and a teacher that really cares about them and their progress. Striving for excellence should be a common goal.

My personal circumstances have taken me to teach in very different cultures, to students of many nationalities and at all levels of proficiency. I have taught pianists, singers, instrumentalists, majors, non-majors, professionals, aspiring professionals, amateurs, kids, adolescents, adults…. This experience has taught me that there isn’t just one method of teaching and that flexibility is the key for success. Inspiring and sharing my knowledge with students is my ultimate goal; but my method has always been conditioned by the personal situation, background and capacity of each individual student.

In my lessons, the range of expertise goes from intermediate to very advanced students. I equally enjoy working with an enthusiastic intermediate student who is discovering for the first time his/hers musical talents, as working with the advanced one, who I can still help carry their craft to the next level. 

The main mission of my instruction is to offer the following:

1) A thorough understanding of the technical challenges in each score. 

Only through the discovery of the problematic passages and the consistent application of individual solutions to each one, the student can be successful in his/her practice. Needless to say, the sense of achievement during the practice is the base to create a positive self-attitude that will encourage the curiosity to grow and master the instrument.

2) The search of good tone production.

Superior playing needs a superior sound. The ear needs to be educated to recognize a good quality sound from a mediocre one. Although a slow process, the search for beautiful tone is an enriching activity that will enhance all the aspects of the musical life of the students.

3) A comprehensive approach that covers music theory and music history from day one. Teaching music should be based on a deep understanding of the rules that shape this art and the historical circumstances that add sense to every piece. The more the student understands the theory behind the bars, the better he will be able to enjoy and transmit the composer´s intentions.

4) Teach with my example. One of the strengths of my teaching is my own experience on stage. I do not teach anything that I haven´t proven to myself that it is a valid and successful method.

 In summary, my goal as a teacher is to give all the tools that I have acquired during all theses years of teaching and performing, in order to make the piano studies a very personal journey. Being able to teach yourself and learn from your own mistakes is the most valuable tool that any professor can give you.  

Piano Lessons/ instrumental And Vocal Coaching In Rochester

I would teach children music, physics, and philosophy; but most importantly music, for the patterns in music and all the arts are the keys to learning."