Piano Instruction Policies

Studio Rules 
Students are expected to arrive for lessons in a timely manner, with all required materials and music. To discuss student progress, parents are welcome to talk with the teacher during the lessons.
No food or drinks are allowed. Cell phones should be turn off.
Appropriate manners are expected.

The student will bring a notebook at their first lesson to keep track of assigned pieces and practice suggestions/goals for each week. The student is responsible for the acquisition of the music in a timely manner. A metronome is required.

The lessons are divided in two semesters of 13 weeks each (September-December and January-May).
Weekly private lessons are offered in 30, 45, or 60-minute sessions depending on the needs of the student and the criteria of the teacher.

Tuition and Payment
Enrollment in the Urkijo Music Studio entails a semester-round commitment. Payment of tuition is based on enrollment, not attendance.  Payments are due on the 1st of each month.  No invoice will be provided. 
Please contact the teacher for the current tuition rates. 
Late payments will incur a late fee of $1 for each day late.  The teacher reserves the right to raise fees at the beginning of each new academic year. Tuition may be paid via cash or check.

Makeup Lessons 
Due to the teacher's limited availability, make-up lessons will not be given for canceled or missed lessons except for those canceled by the teacher. No exceptions. To faciliate a make-up lesson for an expected absence from an upcoming lesson, please arrange it with the teacher at least a week in advance.
In situations such as an accident or family emergency and the student indicates a desire for a makeup lesson, the teacher will make an effort to accommodate a makeup.  If weather conditions are serious or a student is contagiously ill but feels well enough to play, having a lesson via Skype is a viable option for that week.

Practice Expectation and Parental Support 
Private students are expected to practice daily with weekly results on a well-maintained piano. Learning to play an instrument requires a serious commitment to practice in a thoughtful manner. The piano should be tuned twice a year. Parents are encouraged to be supportive and active participants in practice at home. Their support is vital to help students to develop  consistent practice habits that will lead to success. 

 Discontinuing Lessons 
The teacher asks for one month's notice prior to discontinuing lessons. At the discretion of the teacher, students may be asked to discontinue lessons at any time if they have unpaid tuition, an excess amount of absences/unprepared lessons, or if they show a lack of interest. ​