“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent” Victor Hugo

Dr. Ainhoa Urkijo has performed and taught in Europe and US for more than twenty years. She offers piano lessons, vocal coachings and chamber music lessons from intermediate to advance students. Very limited number of beginners are accepted. The studio is design to cover the needs of those who are looking for a serious training in the classical music repertoire guided by the hand of a professional pianist educated in the European tradition.
Urkijo Music studio serves in the Rochester area and downtown Minneapolis, MN. Dr. Urkijo is a member of the MTNA.

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Urkijo Music Studio

Piano Lessons in Rochester, MN

​Piano Lessons, Instrumental and Vocal Coaching, Music Lessons- Ainhoa Urkijo- Rochester, MN Accompanying for recitals and competitions. International career.

Piano Lessons/ instrumental And Vocal Coaching  in Rochester, MN